Our $100k Guarantee

We believe in what we do so strongly that we promise to generate $100,000, OR MORE, of additional gross business revenue for you once you invest in our services.  If we don’t meet that goal, we’ll continue to work with you for an additional 12 months, at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE, until we hit that number with you.  To do that, we need you to agree to the following as ground rules:
          – You promise to keep atleast 90% of your meetings.  This time is important and should be treated as such, but we understand things come up. So, please, reschedule immediately if something comes up.
          – You promise to do the work.  We need you to stay engaged and prepare appropriately for all of your calls, which includes video trainings, thought exercises, etc.  Even if you are on our Business Builder plan, your feedback is extremely important to your success. We suggest you use a digital notebook (like OneNote) or a physical notebook, to keep track of all work.  We will ask to see it.
          – You promise to “play all in”. It’s not enough to simply go through the motions.  We’re going to give you tools to be successful.  You must be willing to use them and implement them.

It’s that easy!