Case Study

Law Practice

This law firm came into our program as a seasoned business.  They had been established for several years doing fine, but never quite getting over the hump.  Not really sure where to go for that extra boost, they came in and we began to uncover the potential they were leaving behind!  Here is their story…


How We’ll Increase Revenue by Over 418% In One Year

This is a boutique law practice, with a state-wide footprint.  It generally provides services to individuals as well as consumers.  After our Discovery call, we began formulating a strategy for its marketing makeover!  We created a quarter-by-quarter roadmap and projected the new annual revenue targets along with a plan for accountability.

Stay tuned to find out what happens!



Time To Take It

To The Next Level


When we started with this law firm, like most businesses, we knew there would be some ups and downs as it grew.   The problem was they didn’t know quite how to get over their “hump” and put it all together – it’s efforts and results were inconsistent at best. They had simply reached their ceiling on their own.  If we hit that, we would have increased their revenue 518% from the prior year and profit by 1,995%!

Challenge accepted!


Using a combination of strategies and tactics derived from our eLearning system, we got to work.  By creating some strategic advantages and a customized roadmap – we are expecting some amazing results!

We can’t wait to see what happens after working with us for just 6 months years!

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