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Ready To Build Out?

For The Business Owner Who Needs Help With Implementation, and lazer guidance.

Here are the details…

Business Builder Plan


In addition to our phased roadmaps, our Business Builder plan includes these great benefits, no matter the time of year!

Apart from our year-around guidance, we’ll also provide you with phased roadmaps to address different aspects of your business in a just-in-time approach designed to grow with your business!


Strategy Sessions

Monthly 60-min Sessions

Meet for monthly check-ins for increased accountability and to ensure company revenue goals are on track.

On-Going Q&A

(via Text & email)



Profit Acceleration Deep-Dive

A 2-hour deep-dive into your business to kick-start your growth plan. Where you’ll walk away with a 12 month roadmap to success!

Digital Marketing Accleration Deep-Dive

A 2-hour deep-dive into JUST your Digital Marketing efforts to supplement your growth plan. 

Live Weekly Group Calls

Get extra help from your peers, get your questions answered, and get moving…LIVE!

1 Legal Consultation


Sometimes, you just need some legal input.  With tis membership, receive 1 free strategy session with Griffin | A Professional Law Corp per quarter.

Plus, 15% Discount On Legal Services with Griffin | A Professional Law Corp.

Other Resources


Unlmited Access To The Tools To Help You Succeed! Including:

  • Group Coaching Call Archives
  • 9-Module Social Media Mastery eCourse
  • $1m Marketing Library including Headline Bank, Elevatory Pitch Library, Ad Library, eMail Library, Sales Letter Library, Scripts Library, TV Ads Library and USP Library!
  • Cloud-Based Business Plan Software



Financial Training for Small Business Owners, covering:

  • Understanding The Power of The P&L Statement
  • Options for Increasing Revenue
  • Factors Affecting COGS
  • 6 Ways To Lower COGS
  • Multiple Ways TO Lower Overhead
  • Building Your P&L From Scratch
  • How To Discover Your Business’ Financial Potential
  • How Much Can You Spend And Still Make A Profit?

Implementation Specialist


Don’t have the time to implement? Have our team do the heavy lifting for you!  We’ll provide you with an implementation specialist to help walk you through each portion of our program, step-by-step, and help implement your customized roadmap FOR YOU.

This is customized, phased-based implementation, for your specific business, which can include:

  • Identifying Your Target Market
  • Done-For-You Social Media
  • Newsletters
  • Sales Funnel Build-Out
  • Landing Page Build Out
  • Staff training
  • And more!

Phase 1 Roadmap:

90-Days To A 7-Figure Foundation

During the first 12 weeks of your membership, we’re going into bootcamp!  We need to ensure the right foundations are in place in order to maximize your long-term growth.  As part of this, we’ll cover topics such as:

How To Make Our System Work For You

Creating Your Market Dominating Position

Identifying Your Perfect Target Market

Know What Your Prospects Are Thinking…Before They Think it

Making Sure You Select Your Ideal Target

How To Identify Your Low-Hanging Fruit

How & Why Your Ideal Customers Buy What YOU Sell

How To Create A Compelling Message Your Market Responds To

How To Create A Competition-Crushing Sales Process

Phase 2 Roadmap:

Create Competition-Crushing Marketing

Now that your foundation is in place, between weeks 13-28, it’s time to start crafting your marketing creative.  We’ll dive into various topics that are geared to set you up, and differentiate you from your competition, with ease.  These topics include:

How To Write Persuasive Marketing

Our Bulletproof Marketing Equation

Create Your Perfect Elevator Pitch

How To Design Competition-Crushing Ads

Designing Market-Dominating Websites

Generating Leads Online

How To Calculate What Your Customers Are Worth

How To Create A Revenue Plan

How To Create Your Company SWOT Analysis

Your Go-Forward Marketing Plan & Schedule

How To Create An Online Presence

Generating Leads Using Compelling eMails & Sales Letters

Phase 3 Roadmap:

Your Financial Secret Weapons

Next, in weeks 29-33, we’re going to start taking a deep-dive into creating strategic relationships that will help drive revenue, including:

How To Find, Contact and Persuade Strategic Endorsement Partners

Generating Massive Online Leads Through Referrals

Phase 4 Roadmap:

Profit Growth Strategies

Finally, in weeks 34-52, we’re putting it all together to create YOUR CUSTOM ULTIMATE MARKETING MACHINE!  With the foundations in place, and everything else you’ve learned along the way, we’re focused on one thing, and one thing only – profit growth!

Using eMail Marketing To Generate All The Leads You Can Handle

How To Build A Massive eMail List

Generating Leads Using Webinars & Teleseminars

Using Compelling Incentives To Lure Prospects Away From Competitors

How To Charge Twice As Much, And Still Out-Market/Out-Sell Competitors

The 7-Parts To A Solid Networking Strategy

Stop Discounting & Offer Additional Value Through Bundling

Create A Drip Campaign That Will Skyrocket Revenue And Profits

Reactivating Stale Clients

How To Increase Transactions And Customer Revenue

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